resourcesWe are excited that you are considering River Way Outdoor Education. The program is an excellent addition to any school’s curriculum. Impress your parents with this outstanding alternative to the typical classroom experience your students currently receive. They will be talking about it for years to come.

Our outdoor education program includes accommodations, meals, instructors, and supplies, including a student workbook. Charter bus transportation is provided upon request. For details on all we have to offer, please download any of the resources below.

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Thank you for considering us to help further your child’s education. We offer a unique learning experience that meets the requirements of the California State Science and Social Standards. We have knowledgeable instructors who will lead your children in hands‐on outdoor activities that will take their education to the next level. Your child will thank you for the memories that will last a lifetime. Our outdoor education program includes accommodations, meals, instructors, and supplies, including a student workbook and a T-Shirt. Charter bus transportation is provided upon request. For details on all we have to offer, please download any of the resources below.

curriculaCan you think of a better place to learn about nature than the great outdoors? Wonder Valley is perfectly situated in the vibrant, rolling Sierra Nevada foothills, where life abounds and learning happens naturally. Classes are held in numerous locations around the property, including the ropes challenge course, stables, classroom-style rooms, and large athletic field.Check out the full list of the classes offered at River Way Outdoor Education! Physical/Earth Sciences Outdoor Education Program – The following classes can be modified to accommodate most grade levels and were designed to meet the criteria set forth in the California State Science framework. Each class can stand independently, so sequential teaching is not necessary. Sequoia National Park – The Kings Canyon/Sequoia National Parks and Visitor Centers can be the highlight of this outdoor education experience, immersing students in the beautiful protected land of the National Parks. Students will come face-to-face with the largest living things in the world, the Giant Sequoia Trees. They will spend their day accompanied by a knowledgeable guide, who will share information on the ecology and life cycles within this majestic habitat. Guided hikes through the forest reinforce what students have learned in class about ecosystems. Lunch and bus transportation are provided for the field trip. Rocketry – Students will learn concepts of force, momentum, gravity, and vectors (i.e. Newtonʼs laws) and explore speed and velocity. The hands-on class project consists of making rockets out of 2-liter bottles. These rockets will be launched using compressed air and water. Students will also learn triangulation, which will enable the students to measure the height of the flight of their rockets. Geology Rocks – Learning the three basic rock types and how they are formed is just the beginning of this class. The students will also explore the world of geology, geomorphology, and petrology as they inspect and learn about rocks in our seasonal creek bed. This class will teach students that Geology is more than just another science – it is the foundation of the earth. Living Things - Students will learn of the differences and similarities of many different animals through hands-on exploration of skeletons, skulls, and other visual aids. Students will also learn to identify both predator and prey. Native American Studies - Members of local tribes serve as instructors for Native American Studies, sharing the rich history and existence of  the Valley’s early residents. Students will receive hands-on learning  about the techniques, lifestyles, and habits of the Choinumne, Yokut, and other peoples of the Sierra Nevadas. Orienteering – Can you find true north? Do you know what a topographical map is and, if so, do you know how to use it? After this course, students will be able to answer “yes” to all of these questions. They will learn to use a compass and map to navigate through a predetermined course with ease. Ropes Course Challenge – A two-hour experiential learning program challenges students to interact with each other through a variety of elements, while safely reaching and exceeding their own capabilities. Dramatic results are produced in team building, problem solving, communication skills, leadership development, decision-making, self-esteem, exercise and more… all while having fun! Nature Crafts – Students learn the history of various craft projects. This knowledge will be used to make a keepsake of their lesson, whether itʼs t-shirt tie-dying, candle making, yarn spinning, or a variety of other old-fashioned art projects. Understanding Horsemanship – Students explore the uses of horses throughout history and learn why various methods of handling horses have become standard – such as why you mount from the left. The class lecture is followed by a group trail ride which will allow students to see the Valley from horseback. Food Preservation – Teaches the history and science of food preservation along with microbiology and nutrition. Students will also learn how the food they preserve in this class pertains to the agriculture found in the Central Valley. Archery – With safety as their top priority, our professional archers instruct students on history of the bow and arrow, equipment usage, and range policies. Always a favorite, students gain extensive knowledge and training techniques to build their shooting skills. Boats and Bridges- In this class students will use collaborative learning in conducting hands on experiments to test the limits of forces.  They will use the basics of engineering and will be introduced to basic concepts like; gravity, pushing forces, pulling forces, and different classification of engineers.

Note: All classes are based on the availability of qualified instructors and are subject to change.